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Laying Bricks

on August 1, 2016


Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour – James Clear 

Happy new month, new year, new rewrite of 2016 resolutions and what not. What a time to be alive. This year has packed so much in the last 7 months that its like ‘can we restart July? I think I need to breathe’.

I ran into this quote above and its got me thinking. We all know this quote by John Heywood that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ right? We say it to explain that good things take time, you need to be patient. I think James Clear came and completed the silent half of that quote, the builders were laying bricks every hour.

We have ‘ho-hummed’ about this year, so many of us have plans to have/achieve certain things by a certain time, and we have the finished pictures in our heads- all well and good. We often don’t picture the need to have the bricks in place every day for us to see the finished product. We just somehow expect our plans to lift from paper/tablet and ta-daa become reality there and then. We often don’t realise that you gotta work it out.

See the laying bricks part is never fun, it is not designed to be fun I think. Your drive is having the finished image in your mind at all times, at a point the brick laying now becomes more fun as the pattern you are building is become more obvious to see, to the point where you are now excited to see the fully finished product.

Importantly, lay the bricks every day. Do something daily that contributes to your vision, to that plan you have, just go for it daily. The year has four more months to go, we can still accomplish so many things, we can still set many bricks in place such that even if you don’t finish building by 31st December, you are better off than you are today.

Its also key to build according to pattern, to be methodical and not random in what you do each day in order to achieve the overall vision. A sniper needs to focus his shot, focus your energy, don’t be causing chaos and commotion by scattering your bricks.

No matter how small the step, keep putting one step in front of the other. Even the act of mentally taking a decision in itself is a brick, put another on it, and another, and another. Keep at it and soon your work will be clear for all to see.

Here’s to a super successful remainder of the year, see you at the top!

Love & Blessings!


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